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Revolutionize your business with IDB Access.

Our comprehensive online toolkit makes it easier than ever to manage your funds. Set up your account today and have access to current account information, flexible reports, multiple convenient payment options, security tools and fraud protection. These products work together to provide you with a greater level of control and efficiency over your accounts, all at your fingertips.

To learn more about IDB Access, please contact your account manager
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Online Cash Management Tools Chart Information Reporting Deposit Management Administrative Efficiency Payments Security & Fraud Protection

Information Reporting

  • Current Day Balance and Transaction Detail
  • Prior Day Balance and Transaction Detail
  • Multi-bank Reporting Option
  • Prior Day Loan Reporting
  • Effectively manage the daily cash position
  • Quickly obtain consolidated information in easy-to-understand reporting formats
  • View entire cash position at a glance
  • Eliminate multiple phone inquiries to the Bank


  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) – Create electronic payments or collections at a reduced price
  • Book Transfers (Internal Funds Transfers) – Move money easily between IDB accounts
  • Wires – Initiate wire transfers easily and securely
  • Bill Payment – pay anyone online that you pay today by check quickly and conveniently
  • Controlled Disbursements – Receive notification of the checks that are going to hit your account on a daily basis
  • Effectively manage timing and cost of payments
  • Quickly initiate one-time or recurring payments
  • Have the flexibility of multiple payment types right on the PC
  • Eliminate manual entry on paper forms, calls to the Bank, and concern about payment execution

Security & Fraud Protection

  • Positive Pay – reduce check fraud through issue file data comparison with Positive Pay
  • Flexible Permissions – require multiple levels of approval for varying types and amounts of transactions
  • Multifactor Authentication – Use password and token/image to maximize security for logon and fund disbursement activity
  • Multi-Level Approvals – give users permission for few or many functions

Deposit Management

  • Remote Deposit Capture – deposit checks remotely from one or more locations
  • Cash Concentration – move funds easily from other bank accounts to a central IDB account
  • Sweeps – move money automatically into interest paying accounts
  • Lockbox – use lockbox services for receipt of large volumes of checks
  • Stop Payments – initiate a stop payment online quickly and easily

Administrative Efficiency

  • Account Alerts – receive automatic notifications via email for a variety of account conditions
  • Account Maintenance – Set up, change and delete users and permissions quickly online
  • Data Export – download key bank data in file formats for a variety of systems
    • Account Targets – track your accounts against benchmarks you set
    • System Customization – change how you view the information to meet your needs
    • And More