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Only IDB Factors specialists can customize a Factoring By DesignSM plan that fits your needs.

Factoring By DesignSM is the reason for IDB Factors' growth since its inception in 2000. A division of IDB Bank, IDB Factors is a full-service factor specializing in designing creative and innovative factoring and financing packages. Our Factoring By Design plans are tailored to suit your specific needs. No off-the-shelf solutions, but custom-designed answers that work. Whether your company is a start-up operation or a long-established business, our experienced factoring professionals can help you manage your accounts receivable and provide the working capital you need to grow. We take pride in our dedication to meeting our clients' financing needs and our responsiveness to any changes in their business plans.

Other Reasons to Consider a Factoring By Design Plan from IDB Factors:

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Factoring helps many new companies grow and many going companies keep going and growing.

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