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Empowering the Future of Our Clients and Communities

A Rosh Hashanah New Year Message from IDB Bank President & CEO Ziv Biron

September 14, 2023

To our valued clients and partners, 

Shana Tova! 

On behalf of all of us at IDB, I’d like to wish you health, happiness and good fortune this Rosh Hashanah.  

As we celebrate the Jewish New Year with our rich community of clients and partners, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year behind us, look to the future of IDB and share our unwavering gratitude.  

We leave behind a year of profound strength and resilience. Together, we have scaled extraordinary events spanning Wall Street to Main Street, including one of the most significant banking system failures in recent history, prolonged post-pandemic disruption and social and political turmoil in Israel.  

Despite these realities, we are moving forward, well positioned and ready to navigate our current environment with clear sight of the opportunities ahead. 

We do so inspired by you, our clients, who continue to operate your businesses and manage your wealth through this challenging economic cycle with a vision to create a more prosperous future. Please know that IDB remains ready and able to partner with you as you pursue these opportunities. 

This year was a resounding affirmation of both IDB’s institutional strength, as well as the power of our client-first philosophies, unshakable network of relationships and sound banking practices. Committed to these core values, we have withstood uncertainty to successfully guide our clients through a unique financial climate, while maintaining our solid capital and liquidity position through the aftermath of the March banks failures. I am proud to share that over the past year IDB not only deployed critical support to our clients, but we extended our banking relationships to many new individuals and businesses.

As the largest Israeli-owned bank in the U.S., it is difficult to discuss the bright future of our clients and communities without acknowledging the realities we face in Israel. We join many of you in following unfolding events across the country very closely with great concern, but also, with optimism, as we see the strength of a nation and the power of everyday people coming together to protect our core values of liberal democracy, without violence and with inspired determination.

With this in mind, we enter a new year empowered by our success, and mindful of our changing ecosystem. IDB remains focused and committed to you, our clients, and we continue to develop and invest in our value proposition so we can serve your growing and diverse needs.
Finally, IDB continues to embrace its responsibility to serve its community partners with meaningful collaboration and tzedakah. I am proud to share that this year we partnered with and supported many important causes, working closely with organizations including the Iranian American Jewish Foundation, UJA Federation, Invisible Album, Israeli American Council, Jewish Community Center, the Sephardic Community Center and many others.  

I would like to again thank you for your continued relationship. We look forward to serving you well into the future. 

Thank you and Shana Tova,

Ziv Biron
President and CEO, IDB Bank