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Founded in 1935

IDB Bank was founded in 1935 by the late Mr. Leon Recanati, IDB Ltd. is one of the three largest commercial banks in Israel and one of the 300 largest banks in the world. IDB Ltd. and its subsidiaries have a network of branches and representative offices in Israel and abroad, with several thousand employees. IDB Ltd. also has an extensive international network of correspondent banks.

Operating in New York City since 1949

IDB Ltd. began its operations in New York City in 1949, when it established a representative office. At that time there were only a few employees and limited contact with the public. In 1962, IDB Ltd. became one of the first foreign banks to open a branch in New York when the New York State banking law was changed to allow foreign banks to operate branches here.

1980: IDB Becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Discount Bank Ltd.

Ultimately, in 1980, the branch's assets were transferred to the renamed, wholly-owned IDB Ltd. subsidiary, Israel Discount Bank of New York ("IDBNY"). IDBNY also took over a major portion of the western hemisphere banking operations of its Tel-Aviv parent. Subsequently, the Bank took on more contemporary nomenclature with the registered service mark "IDB Bank." In March 2000, IDB Bank became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Discount Bancorp, Inc., a Delaware holding company it formed to hold its shares.

2021: IDB Moves to Bryant Park

As the centerpiece of a five-year strategy to transform technology, services and infrastructure, IDB moved its headquarters to 1114 Sixth Avenue in New York City’s landmark Grace Building.

Our Leadership

Ziv Biron

Chief Executive Officer & President

Lissa Baum

Executive Vice President
Head of Commercial Banking

James LoGatto

Executive Vice President
Head of US Private Banking

Sagy Aseraf

Executive Vice President
Florida Regional Manager
Head of International Private Banking

Michal Miron

Executive Vice President
California Region Manager

Dan Trister

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Vered Oron

Executive Vice President
Chief Strategy & People Officer

Kiyoun Kim

Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Akhilesh Khare

Executive Vice President
Chief Information Officer

Mario Lemos

Executive Vice President
Chief Audit Officer

Daniel Roberts

Executive Vice President
Chief Risk Officer

Leslie Case

Executive Vice President
Chief Legal Counsel

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